11 Best Tips To Save Money For A Trip

Are you looking for ways to cut costs on travel? For your next trip, here are 11 creative tips to help you save money. If you are planning to travel to your favorite holiday destination then mentioned below are some tips through which you can save your hard earned money can be saved and you dream trip can become a reality.

But first a proper budget of your trip has to be researched and calculated to get an overall estimate so that the goal can be set. So now certain steps have to be taken to save money. Budgeting maybe a difficult and long term hard work but at last it is worth the value.

1. Create a Travel Budget

First and foremost before saving money is first deciding a place to visit and the cost or budget it would take. Determine the approximate cost of travel and the amount of money you will need (taking into account local transportation, lodging, food and drink, and leisure expenses). Then you can set a goal and know how much it is needed to save monthly to save money for trip in desired time. This will help in giving an overview and a path will be in front of you which has to be followed dedicatedly to reach your goals.

Budgeting can be very liberating, even though it may sound boring. A sense of financial independence is created by comprehending your cash flow and modifying it to suit your needs; this is particularly important during uncertain times. If you feel this tip wont be sufficient then, below there are other techniques to save money.

2. Track Money Spending And Save Money

So after budgeting major step is to track your income source as compared to the expenditures happened. It can be done for a month to see which expenses are unavoidable and the ones which can be saved to reduce the expenditure. Then a note should be prepared where all these things are daily tracked. Bank statements can also be referred to help in making statements or a budgeting app can also be used instead.

Apps like Monefy, Jupiter, Fi Money, Goodbudget etc are some Indian applications which are tested by researchers and authorized. These applications are the best alternative for making statements. It is very vital to keep a track and reduce unnecessary expenses. This proves to be an effective method in long term period.

3. Setup A Travel Savings Account

Setup a travel savings account and connect it to savings account for trip which will cut a fixed amount every month and put it aside to a different account which works like automatic payments. This will help in putting the savings into one corner so that it isn’t spend till the time travel goal isn’t reached. The money after specific time will be enough for travelling according to the plan made at first.

This increases your chances of staying within your budget by keeping your savings separate from your daily spending account. This way, you avoid having unnecessary expenses out of your savings. These savings would be restricted to use till the time you don’t go on trip. After some time the savings will start to grow and will see that it is one of the best ways to save money.

4. Abandon Pointless Subscriptions And Expenses

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This method is very important because it includes unnecessary expenses which has to be cut-off which will not only be beneficial in saving money for trip but also in future. Subscriptions and Expenses which aren’t much important should be either avoided or reduced. For e.g. If gym membership is taken and you are not going to gym then it should not be taken or cancelled to save money. This will help you realize the value of money.

These variable expenses are not essential and can easily be cut back on but requires the inner motivation to do it, till then it can’t be realized and will go on forever. Some expenses which can be reduced are:-

a) Cutting of that cable TV subscription if you prefer watching Ott platforms like Netflix and Prime.

b) Swapping your mobile tariff plan from a high end plan to a cheaper plan if works for you.

c) Try to avoid delivery apps and buy it yourself as you can get it at affordable rates and will save money.

At first these savings will seem small but in future collectively they will add up and will be worth.

5. Limit Online Money Spending

Another big expense which is the reason for most of the money spending is online shopping and spending money through applications like Paytm, Google Pay etc. Through these applications we doesn’t realize while spending money and our money gets spent on various non-useful items . It’s easy to spend money from smartphone or computer by just a click and the item is purchased. The value of the money spent is either realized after purchase or isn’t realized.

Try to pay with cash in physical stores and this will give you a better idea of how much you’re spending and what the products are worth because you can actually see the money in your hands. This will help in purchasing the right item and not wasting money. Online shopping is one of the major reasons for spending money inaccurately. So save money through buying things through cash.

6. Take Up A Side Job

Another way of increasing the cash inflow is by taking another job and working extra hours. If someone is already working 9-5 then it could mean taking a delivery job, working at a restaurant or finding freelancing work. This could be extreme for some but sometimes extra efforts have to be put to reach goals which in this scenario is to save money. Doing this for a small period of time can help in finance for the vacation and can be proved effective in future.

But the most important thing is health and if it feels like your mental health would be affected by it then its better to avoid it and focus on the savings method told in the above points. Disturbing the mental health and exhaustion can also backfire so it isn’t considered for everyone . Only selected people should consider this technique to save money.

7. Prefer Eating Home Food

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Today people have a habit of eating outside and not eating home food which is much more heathier and cheaper which can help to save money. By bringing your own lunch to work or school rather than purchasing food from the neighborhood restaurant and you can significantly reduce your travel expenses. According to research and estimates saving the money on food bills can save up a lot of unnecessary expenses and can help you increase your savings.

Try to avoid eating at restaurants. Although going out to eat can be a lot of fun, it’s not always cheap but when you start eating food at home, it will lead to save money for your trip goal and will eventually give you motivation.

8. Use Budget Friendly Mode Of Transportation

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Prior to boarding a bus or ordering a taxi, consider whether you could reach your destination on foot or by bicycle. Additionally, check to see if anyone you know is traveling in the same direction at the same time as you before you embark on that lengthy car ride. You will travel in a more ecologically friendly manner in addition to save money. Use public transport like Metro or local train which will help in not only achieving your goal but also keeping the environment cleaner.

Make the most of your nation’s public transportation options to travel within it at a reduced cost. Using your own car and taxis will only increase your expenses. Instead, purchase a bicycle for short trips; it’s an eco-friendly way to get exercise and is ideal for those who care about the environment.

9. Purchase Generic Brands

Purchasing branded goods doesn’t have to cost the earth. Ultimately, you shell out a ton of extra cash for a label that is well-known. Spending huge amount of money just so that branded clothes can be show off to the other people who are watching you. Perfect solution for it is, either you can buy first copy products of good quality. This may seem contradictory to you but its very difficult to identify the difference between.

It is much more affordable step and will be budget friendly, this will help to save money. This method isn’t stopping you from buying good brand clothes but minimizing it to make it pocket friendly.

10. Travel During Off-Peak

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Hotels and flights will be less expensive if you avoid the months with lots of tourists. At any attractions you intend to visit, you’ll also experience reduced crowds and shorter lines. Travel during the off-season usually results in fewer visitors and a decrease in the demand for lodging and activities. Prices for travel, lodging, and activities can therefore be much lower than and will save money, they would be during the busiest time of year. For instance, in order to draw guests during the off-season, hotels may provide discounts or reduced rates.

In a similar vein, when demand declines, airlines may offer cheaper fares. In order to attract visitors, a number of well-known tourist locations also provide free or heavily discounted admission to museums, galleries, and other attractions during the off-season. This helps to save money.

11. Early Booking

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Travelling at last minute may lead to missing good offers and deals which are available for the ones who are booking beforehand. The demand for travel will only increase as the holidays get closer. Regretfully, compared to other, off-peak travel periods, most travelers don’t have as much flexibility around these dates. According to reports there is a significant hike in the prices of flights and hotels as the date comes closer. So its better to book beforehand and save money.

So remember to plan and book trip in advance of around 3-5 months of period. This will avoid last minute hassle and will save a lot of money.


Question – How to plan a pocket friendly trip?

Answer – Remember to keep in mind the expenses Airplane Tickets, Accommodation, Food and The mode of transportation.

Question – Does these tips are really helpful?

Answer – Yes these tips are actually very much helpful. These are applied and tested personally to ensure that legit points are told to you.

Question – What are the best tips useful for saving money?

Answer– The best tips to save money are creating a travel budget, tracking money spending, travel during off peak season and cut off unnecessary expenses and subscriptions.

Question – Is opening a travel savings account a good idea?

Answer – Yes having a savings accounts helps you to keep your money away from you and helps in not spending them on things which are not useful. They help you to focus on goal to save money.


Purchasing travel entails purchasing experiences. Not only does traveling provide a respite from everyday life, but it also refreshes and resets the mind. This does not imply that you will need to spend all of your sav You can save money and travel wisely with the help of these tips. There is no hesitation in saving money to travel and should be done by everybody in today’s era.

Travel budgets are just an estimation and in most cases they go much more higher only so when you are using these tips in advance it will help to prepare and be ready for extra spending which usually happens on vacation. If you’re wondering how to save money for travel ahead of time, these are a few very effective strategies—but they’re by no means the only ones.

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